A Gauteng based Festival of Love, Light & Friendship.

Where like-minded folk can get together to relax, revitalise and grow.


Welcome to Fayre World !


A Festival of Love, Light and Friendship!


Your Spiritual and Holistic Wonder World in Gauteng!

 A Monthly Meeting Place for people interested in the Alternative Field of Complementary Health, Holistic Healing & Physical Wellbeing. 


Gauteng's largest monthly festival of wellbeing - for Spiritual Education, Sharing, Networking and Entertainment!


It is the aim of the coordinators of the BMS Events™ :


 To facilitate an ongoing platform for like-minded folk to get together on a monthly basis, to share their talents, expertise and knowledge, and also to offer their services and products.

 To provide a doorway to opening hearts and minds whereby people can learn more about spirituality;

 To investigate a more healthy or holistic way of living;

 To assist in individual self-empowerment through education;

 To assist in expanding our perception beyond the ordinary;

 To provide a pathway in meeting new and interesting fellow-travellers on the path;

 To help bring about much needed change into areas that are beyond our normal and ordinary thinking patterns;

 To help people find what they are looking for and to spread the word of what so many groups and individuals have to offer in the alternative and holistic field;

 To help make a difference.


Or simply to provide a safe space where people can get closer together, browse around, relax, spend time on themselves, invest in their own interests; where they can rub shoulders with like-hearted folk who share their desire for understanding, meaning and purpose in life. By getting together we look to collectively provide a field from which we may learn to love and heal ourselves and others, to reach out and be of significant assistance to each other - regardless of tradition or other affiliations.


In short: It is our aim to relax and rejuvenate your entire being! To pamper and entertain you, improve your mood, help ease everyday stresses, unhappiness and blues, nurture your body, enhance your mind, restore the starlight in your soul and add sparkle to your spirit!


If you are new to this Magical Wonder World of Holistic Festivals, be prepared and allow yourself to be transformed and sweeped along to a place where you will see yourself as well as the world around you differently and with new eyes! A place where you can only be your own beautiful self ... without wearing a holy expression!


Please note that we do not necessarily support the claim of any product, nor do we agree or disagree with the view or philosophy of any participant. We simply facilitate a Monthly Meeting Place with different possibilities for you to explore, discover and to select that which you feel most comfortable with - to finally remember that which we have forgotten!


You are warmly invited to come along and be part of the entertainment!


Let the enchantment begin at our next Festival .........!


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